About portugal medical cannabis

Regulation Consulting And Investments

Portugal Medical Cannabis is a company that specializes in consulting, investment and services while providing agricultural land designation services for practice in the field of medical cannabis, with an emphasis on land for development and industry in the cannabis industry and complex commercial transactions in the industry and risk minimization.

Portugal Medical Cannabis was founded by two partners, businessmen and entrepreneurs with the vision Nir and Ana paula guimaraes who together with a professional team and skilled agronomists who focus on identifying trends in the cannabis market at various levels and in addition to locating, initiating, and projects in areas that meet the required standards, including And in the world for its customers, about Portugal Medical Cannabis, which receives a great response due to its professionalism and has a database of reliable and quality customers who are interested in engaging in the industry.

The main goal is to accompany our customers in any way or business activity in the cannabis industry while providing the knowledge and confidence required to advance the processes and make decisions.

Portugal Medical Cannabis specializes in the field of alternative investments in the cannabis industry while establishing and managing investment partnerships at a variety of levels in the cannabis industry while implementing active policies and advice to reduce risk exposure in any investment.

Golenabis specializes in farmers’ association, planning and setting up cannabis factories. In addition, we advise and accompany our customers in building a business plan and consulting for the cannabis venture in Portugal.

Portugal Medical Cannabis is conducted in front of farmers who own land so that they can enter the cannabis market in the most correct and safe way.

We accompany and encourage farmers to engage in the fields of medical cannabis, starting with obtaining a license to grow, building a business plan and consulting for a medical cannabis venture, growing and manufacturing cannabis products with the Medical Cannabis requirements in Portugal), through planning and establishing GMP production facility, developing medical cannabis products. Appropriate production technology, establishment of quality systems and accompanied by an audit of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health and obtaining approval for the marketing of the medical cannabis product.

Portugal Medical Cannabis regrets its flagship key principles that guide farmers from the beginning to the present day: reliability and integrity, quality and innovation and dedicated service to its patients.

Portugal Medical Cannabis’ farm, located in the north of Portugal, is carefully managed with a combination of advanced technologies that ensure a high-quality and continuous supply of blue-and-white medical cannabis strains.

The team headed by it, including top business consultants and agronomists in Portugal and around the world, with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of agricultural growing methods and treatment using medical cannabis.