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When it comes to Medicinal Cannabis Lean Manufacturing Design, one primary consideration is merely the size of a few grow houses of medicinal cannabis, which span over 100,000 m2. For instance, imagine the person working in it forgets the gloves on the opposite end of the house. It would be a waste of time to walk all the way back. This issue can be resolved with the employment of a motor assembly factory, which will be equipped with a moving assembly line, with the assembler manning the station at all times.

For Medicinal Cannabis, the process of cultivating and producing it is not very different from a manufacturing process. Thus, it is crucial to incorporate Lean Manufacturing thinking within your facility design. All of us are aware of the seven wastes. But today, another new waste is becoming a common problem-  Skill.

Your manufacturing facility’s success largely relies on the skills of your design team.  

You must ensure that your design is optimal for success and is both efficient and complies with GMP. In case your facility’s layout is flawed or even less than optimal, your operational team’s skill will not be adequate to bridge the cultivation and production gap.

It is crucial to remember each of the wastes to ensure that the design is not sub-optimal. Here are the eight wastes summarized under the acronym of TIMWOODS:

T  : Transport – To help move people, as well as materials
I : Inventory – The storage of work in progress and final products, along with documenting requirements
M : Motion – Any type of movement associated with manufacturing, including walking, lifting, bending, and turning

W – Waiting – The wait may be in relation to instructions related to manufacturing, equipment or raw materials
O – Over-production –production exceeding immediate requirements
O – Over-processing – Employing tighter tolerances or materials of higher quality than required
D – Defects – Scrap, require rework, or erroneous documentation
S – Skills – undertrained staff and underutilized capabilities

Typical Pharma Plant Design

Usually, Lean objectives tend to contradict pharmaceutical GMPs. For instance, there is a fundamental requirement of unidirectional flow within a factory (low-risk products). According to textbooks, the raw materials must enter the facility from the left and exit on the right.  

The facility must be designed properly right from the first stage, as trying to amend flaws during the final project stages can be 1000x more expensive.

compliant design GMP

The primary issue with “GMP compliant design” is with high sales demand and limited capacity, a temporary decrease is experienced in case of a change in the product mix or breakdown of a machine, resulting in a rise in the raw material, while the warehouse storing the finished goods is empty. It is a waste to shift materials around.

In order to overcome this problem, one can employ a plant with a U-shaped design. Thus, your staff will enjoy better safety as awnings, dock levelers, road access, and traffic flow do not intermingle.

U Shaped Cannabis Design

Here, it is evident that the ramps, doors, dock levers, and site access points are common for both raw materials and finished goods. Moreover, it is possible to expand or reduce the spaces holding the finished goods and raw materials on the basis of the demands.  

Needless to say, it is crucial to safely store and return and rejected material.

There has been a rise in the enforcement of Lean Manufacturing principles in the context of Pharmaceutical plants, Pharmacies, and Medicinal Cannabis Head and Grow houses.

However, it is crucial to enforce these principles while also complying with the legal obligations. We hope that this simple example has helped you understand the importance of pro design At PORTUGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS, our trained architects, engineers, and GMP compliance experts, coupled with our modern BIM tools, will help construct a lucrative design for your facility. You can even seek our design , as PORTUGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS boasts of expert cannabis consultants and cannabis industry design experts who can assist you with your next project. We assure you that we will help you avoid an expensive mistake.

As Medical Cannabis Consultants, we understand the benefits of a U-shaped design, specifically in the context of a Medicinal Cannabis Manufacturing designed facility. Essentially, it creates a single entry point and a single vault, with two layers of security measures protecting the facility’s back half, in line with the  INFARMED

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We provide relevant training to our pharmaceutical facility design architects, cleanroom validation, testing, and processing engineers, who have helped several manufacturers and cultivators of medicinal by formulating eco-friendly designs that are efficient and GMP compliant. Get in touch with us today if you have any queries.  

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